I used to be in the minority of contemporaries who had never seen 'Cats' but not long ago I and companion swelled yet further the Lloyd Weber and Eliot Estate coffers by attending one of the London theatre runs thereof.

It's certainly an interesting phenomenon but it was quite entertaining and created a bit of a cosy glow thinking of all the good things the Eliot Estate did with all the proceeds.

Have to say that IMHO it was probably for the better that Sarah Brightman wasn't doing this performance, but maybe I'm tone deaf or something.

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"It is all of a piece with his other work, really," she says. "It was his witty, dry, humorous side, a part of the whole man."



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Composer Andrew Lloyd-Webber joined by his wife Sarah (right) and TS Eliot's widow Valerie, at the first night of his new musical Cats at the New London Theatre, Drury Lane. 11th May 1981