I had a half-hour advance notice of this post, and took advantage of that head start to read Eric's article.

WOW!  Eric has managed to tell the story of the various morphs of Audubon in Missouri in a straightforward, understandable and exciting, well illustrated narrative.

Thank you, Eric, for the best piece of PR for Audubon in Missouri I've seen for many a year---maybe ever.

All Mobirders should take time to read and enjoy this article.  And, if you are not affiliated with at least one of the entities described, give full consideration to joining one or more.  Your membership dollars are repaid with informative presentations, results from research Audubon groups support, this list-serve, The Bluebird and chapter publications and websites, educational activities/events for kids, scholarships, the Missouri Bird Record Committee's work, organized field trips and birding events, and much, much more.

Bodacious article!  Thank you.

Edge Wade
Columbia, MO
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On Jun 2, 2016, at 4:42 PM, Eric Reuter wrote:

> The June/July issue of Missouri Life magazine contains a story I wrote
> about the role of local Audubon chapters and ASM in promoting
> bird-watching and conservation in Missouri. Iíd pitched it as a spring
> story, but I hope the summer publication date doesnít discourage people
> from getting involved in Missouri birding. Many thanks to the
> representatives from every local chapter and ASM who answered my questions
> and helped me share their organizationsí stories.
> You can read the story online at the link below, or look for a print copy
> of Missouri Life anywhere itís sold.
> I hope the story is of interest to birders across the state; I know I
> learned many neat things in researching it. You can also see a map of
> chapters and some of the locations suggested in the story on our website
> at:
> Thanks for reading,
> Eric Reuter
> Boone County, MO
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