Last evening at 7p, two MIKI were flying over the neighborhood on the east side of Bethel Road between Green Meadows Rd. and S. Brookline Rd. (the one that has all the Spanish named streets).   At times they flew in tandem, and other times interacted.  Lasted about 10 minutes, then one flew in a northeasterly direction and the other flew southwest.  I lost sight of the first one.  The second one appeared to be flying over that water treatment facility at Bethel near Nifong, and then later re-appeared and flew northeast. 


Today, I played in a golf tournament at Country Club of Missouri.  About 10a, a MIKI circled overhead over the section of the course that is south of Nifong and west of Bethel by about a mile.  There could have been two, but never saw two in the air at the same time.  Thought I saw one fly into a large sycamore.  Hard to know if we might have two pairs in the area, or if the one pair is still searching far and wide for the right nest tree. All I can say for sure is that we have Mississippi Kites again this year in south Columbia.


Jean Leonatti

Boone County

Columbia,  MO



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