No one has ever succeeded in defining Poetry, let alone given any meaning to  what is "ineluctably poetry." The poetry/prose distinction is a social   construct, not some Platonic essence. If we agree to name a text a poem, it is a poem. And if you read serious histories of "the novel," you find that there is very little agreement as to when "the novel" was invented. I would say that As I Lay Dying is as " ineluctably" poetic as TWL. 

But there are more fun things to argue about. Is Clinton or Trump the most serious threat to the world? It's a close call, but I suspect Clinton would be the more effective evil.


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Heckuva list of publications if you click on her name. Any listers in Rapallo for the meeting? I do wonder how it is proposed to read something so ineluctably poetry as not poetry.


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	A Work in Progress

	“T. S. Eliot Among the Novelists.” Book manuscript. 

	A Scholarly Paper 

	“Reading The Waste Land as a Novel.” T. S. Eliot Society Annual Meeting. Rapallo, Italy. June 2016.

	Sounds interesting.