*Annual Conference of the Austrian Studies Association *

*University of Illinois at Chicago, March 16-19, 2017*

*“Inter-Texts: Correspondences, Connections, and Fissures *

*in Austrian Culture”*

The 2017 Austrian Studies Association conference committee invites
proposals for papers that explore the multiple intertexts that inform our
readings of the cultural and historical products and sites of modern
Austria, the Habsburg Empire, and its former territories. In light of
recent political and cultural schisms that have marked Austria, its
European neighbors, and the U.S., we welcome a consideration of the ways in
which connections can be creatively mapped across diverse fields of
culture. The notion of intertext should be understood broadly as a mode of
connectivity that includes citation, borrowing, recurring tropes, homage,
recontextualization, dialogue, pastiche, and assemblage. Intertexts might
be explored in the context of cross-temporal citation, transcultural
dialogue, or aesthetic form. Intertexts can, of course, be aesthetic,
historical, and/or political. Papers might explore multiple intertexts
produced in works and discourses emerging within modern Austria, the
Habsburg Empire, or within the context of the former Habsburg territories.
Likewise, papers might examine the recontextualization of Austrian or
Habsburg tropes within other cultural contexts. We welcome paper proposals
that consider Austrian intertexts from the perspective of Literary and
Cultural Studies, Film and Media Studies, Art History, Music, History, and
all related fields.

Some possible topics:

-       Habsburg nostalgia as cultural trope

-       The afterlives of Viennese Modernism

-       Intertextualities in works by Franz Grillparzer, Adalbert Stifter,
Franz Werfel, Ingeborg Bachmann, Robert Musil, Elfriede Jelinek, Oskar
Kokoschka, Michael Haneke, Barbara Albert, VALIE EXPORT, Franz Schubert,
Olga Neuwirth, etc.

-       Networks of artists and authors (Jung-Wien, Wiener Werkstätte,
Wiener Schule, Wiener Psychoanalytische Vereinigung, Forum Stadtpark,
coop99, etc.)

-       Intermediality

-       German-Austrian intertexts

-       Austrian cultural icons (Mozart, Sisi, Franz Josef, Klimt, Falco,
Conchita Wurst, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Christoph Waltz, etc.) that signify
beyond the Austrian context

-       Postmodern and post-postmodern aesthetics

-       Political and historical intertexts

-       Trans-temporal intertexts

-       Migration and its intertexts

-       Enlightenment discourse as ironic intertext

-       Intertextuality and irony

-       Self-citation

-       Intertexts within political discourses in diverse cultural spaces
(i.e. Austria and Germany; Austria and U.S.; etc.)

-       Citation and gender

-       Authorship and genius

-       Haunted texts / ghosting in texts

-       The environment as intertext

-       The intertexts of post-humanism

-       The affective modes of intertexts

*Proposal submission:*

Please send *300-word abstracts* and a *brief biography* (no more than 200
words) to [log in to unmask] by *October 15, 2016*. Papers may be
presented in either German or English. Both individual papers and complete
panels may be proposed. If you are proposing a complete panel, please be
sure to include abstracts, bios, and contact information for all presenters
in your E-mail. The conference organizers reserve the right to make
modifications to panels.

Limited funds may be available to support graduate student travel. If you
are a graduate student and wish to apply for travel funding, please send us
your request and a brief budget proposal along with your abstract

All conference presenters should be members of the Austrian Studies
Association. Membership in the ASA includes a subscription to the *Journal
of Austrian Studies.*

Information about how to join the ASA may be found at,675612.aspx

*Conference organizers:* Imke Meyer and Heidi Schlipphacke, Department of
Germanic Studies, University of Illinois at Chicago

Queries about the conference may be sent to [log in to unmask]

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