Call for Papers

Northeast Modern Language Association (NEMLA)
March 23-26, 2017
Marriott Waterfront
Baltimore, MD

“Die Schwarze Romantik: Scientific Theories of the Dark Side”

Die schwarze Romantik explores the depths of human imagination in its most mystical, awe-inspiring, and terrible manifestations. Although the literary exploration of the Dark Romanticism has been well addressed in research, the scientific theories behind these morbid and weird works have not found as much analytical attention. As Romanticism coincides with the rise of rational modern science, this Romantic fascination with the mystical and the untenable often clashed with the new need to validate the theories of Friedrich Schlegel’s Universalpoesie with scientific observation and experimentation.  This panel seeks to explore these intersections. How do Romantics use science to validate their search for the mythical and the magical? How do theories derived from Schelling’s Naturphilosophie address this fascination with the dark side of life and faith and attempt to validate it? Possible texts to be explored in this panel may include works from the medical, scientific, socio-cultural, linguistic, psychological, mesmerism, or paranormal fields.

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Christine Rapp Dombrowski, Ph.D.

Southern CT State University

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