Since I don't have to work until later today, I headed over to the west side of Pershing SP this morning. Hiked all the way to the south end of the Zell tract wetland area. I saw a group of large shorebirds flying towards where I was standing and counted 22 Whimbrels as they went overhead and then did a couple of flybys while vocalizing. I crouched down hoping they would land nearby, but no, last I saw they were headed south towards a private wetland. Had 7 White-rumped Sandpipers same area, and then flock of dozen or so Pectoral Sandpipers fly past with a few smaller Peeps with them. Then had 5 dark Ibis flyover and circled around the area to the north, but never set down near either. Saw half a dozen Black Terns feeding over another pool. Had 3 pr. of late Gadwalls and couple of Am. Coots, 1 DC Cormorant, and 1 Sora. One immature Bald Eagle also.
  Heard several Bell's Vireos, mostly singing from the stands of small Cottonwood Trees that have grown up on parts of the area. One pair was in a thicket on a levee where I am more used to them being. A Willow Flycatcher was there too, and heard couple more other places. Interesting time of year!

Steve Kinder
Chillicothe, Livingston Co.
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