This evening all the shorebirds were located in the far south section of Pool 14.  Very hard to get close enough to identify.  I believe there were well over 1000, and good variety.  I just couldn't get close enough to ID.

If you go tomorrow, I suggest you immediately go to the end of the road turn-about for pool 14.  Scan the area to try and see where the majority of birds are (if they haven't left overnight).  I would have had better viewing if I had walked down the levee that runs behind pool 13 and eventually turns east, allows a view into the south end. Didn't have time for that tonight.  Alternately you could walk out from the end of the second one way loop, and then follow the shoreline toward the south.  Water has receded enough that you will not sink into mud.   Also admire the new portable viewing blind - but it was not facing south tonight.  Swarms of bugs, bring your spray.

Jean Leonatti
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