Went to Eagle Bluffs this evening hoping to get some birding in between rain
storms.  Water is up in many sections,  Perche Creek is back up again, and
Missouri River is rising with debris in it.  No shorebirds in Pool 10.  Pool
14 was viewed from the end of the road turn-around.  Shorebirds continue in
the far southwest section of Pool 14 although not at the high numbers of
Wednesday evening.  Black terns were still working the area;  two white/gray
terns with black caps were seen, one perched on a pole - I can tell you they
were not Least nor Caspian, too distant to tell exactly what they were.


There was one large shorebird out there - too distant for an identification
but I believe it was a godwit.  Bill seemed upturned from one angle, but
straight from the other.  Not an avocet; don't believe it was a willet as
bill did not seem stout enough nor did I see any flashes of black/white when
it ruffled it wings, never did out-stretch wings for a conclusive view.
Just didn't seem right for a whimbrel.     Didn't think it would be very
smart to hike out with a metal tripod slung across my shoulders with storms
on every horizon.    Did see one rainbow before the heavens opened up again.


Jean Leonatti

Boone County

Columbia, MO

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