Spent the AM at Little Creve Coeur Lake. Immediately upon getting out of
car I could hear turkeys but never saw them. The gravel path along the
lake and wetland area held many cedar waxwing (a seemingly infinite
amount), warbling vireos everywhere. A few vireos were making a pine siskin
like mobbing call and giving some serious business to a pair of red winged
blackbirds. A pair of yellow billed cuckoos were seen multiple times up and
down the gravel path, great close up looks at one point of a cuckoo
feasting on a large grasshopper.

Yellow rail seen and heard in the tall reeds and openings. I could clearly
hear least bitterns but none were clearly seen, maybe saw one.

At the lake there were three hooded mergansers, one green heron, one coot,
four wood ducks, and a couple of mallards. Yellow warblers around the lake
as well. Just after the lake were prothonatary warblers and northern parula.

On the grassland trail both Orioles were seen along with many dickcissels
and common yellowthroats. At least three separate coveys of bobwhite where
calling well into the day.

I startled a large owl out of very low cover (possibly ground) around 11
am. Seemed interesting. Way bigger than a barred. It was in some loosely
scattered trees along a large field. Could it have been a short eared? Who
knows. Worth looking into further. Didn't really look like a great horned
but I am no expert in owls.

Ended the day with great looks at a Mississippi kite over some scattered
trees. What a great day at a great place. Over 60 species total. Also saw a
otter (or otter like creature) and had a deer scream at me, it's very off
putting because they scream like people.

Brendan Decker
St. Louis county
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Brendan Decker
Creve Coeur, MO
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