Morning, all.

I had a great day in Forest Park where I saw all but one of the heron and
egret species we get in the park. Of the many highlights was seeing not
just one Little Blue Heron but 8+ !    Of the heron and egret species this
is the one I have always seen the least.  In the early-mid 2000s I would
see it every year but only occasionally.  Since then it has been a case of
seeing maybe one during one summer and then not for the next summer or two
or more.

I was in the Steinberg Prairie area and after seeing some Cedar Waxwings in
a Mulberry tree, I started with one Snowy Egret and then two Black-crowned
Night Herons and the first Little Blue Heron.  A Snowy Egret chased off
these two heron speciess but then a Yellow-Crowned Heron came flying in
landing right in front of me.  I got to see it hunt successfully and then
the Little Blue Heron do so as well.

The fish hatchery ponds were my next destination and I soon scared up three
Little Blue Herons!  I had never seen more than one on any given day and
here were three.  They settled back down and I was able to watch them hunt
and perch near to each other.  They were in the largest of the ponds in
this complex and this pond is not a hatchery.  I saw some more Cedwar
Waxwings in some Bald Cypresses between this pond and Cypress Lake.

I headed back to my car and was talking with Brenda Hente when a flight of
five Little Blue Herons flying over us!  My new record of three was happily
and beautifully eclipsed.

The Twin Lots near the Visitor and Education Center again have nesting
Green Herons in the Bradford Pears that border the sidewalk which bisects
the parking lot. Near Pagoda Circle I saw my second Great Egret of the day
and later I saw another Little Blue Heron flying over this roundabout.

I try to make Sundays my longer day in the park to see other habitats and
critters and I am glad I do so.  Here are some photos of yesterday's
highlights (not counting the Great Horned Owls!):


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