Yes, House Wrens can kill juveniles. They also destroy eggs of other birds as well.  They are becoming a nuisance for many bird species.  Please see the link below for information on how to discourage them.  Regarding their aggressive nest-destroying/killing behavior, I quote from the link below:

"They have been known to destroy bluebird and other cavity nester's eggs by piercing them (holes of 3 mm or less, or a large ragged hole in the middle), and then often removing them from the nest. They can remove an entire chickadee nest in a matter of hours. In one study in eastern MA, 20% of Black-capped Chickadee nests were destroyed by House Wrens. Althea Sherman reported that House Wrens destroyed eggs of 29 different birds. House Wrens may even displace the uncommon Bewick's Wren.

There have been occasional reports of House Wrens killing young nestlings (4-5 days old) and throwing them out of the nest (Ann Wick, Linda Moore has a nestcam video showing three 1-2 day old bluebirds taken out of nest at about 8 p.m. and then again the next evening; also Linda S. reported 2 day old Carolina Wrens tossed out of box). Kendeigh (1941) reported death of an adult bird. House Wrens have also been observed filling a red-naped sapsucker nest with sticks while the sapsucker chicks were still in the nesting cavity."

Andy Reago

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Subject: Bewick's Wren nest

I hate to hear this because on Saturday we saw both Bewick's Wren parents activily feeding juveniles in the box. Hopefully, they did fledge. Is there something the House Wrens could have done to the juveniles?

Pat Lueders, Webster Groves

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