Warson Woods, Mo 63122

Saturday, 5/14, I observed 2 Am. Crows trying to gain altitude to ward off a potential threat.  Lots of hollering by them was also a part of this action.  I believe they have a nest nearby, although I haven't confirmed it.

Initially, I looked up and  I indeed saw a soaring bird that was circling slow as if to gain altitude via a thermal.  That was the Crow's target.  Vulture was my initial thought, but I thought why would Crows care about that.  Maybe it was an im. Bald Eagle soaring past instead.  I grabbed my binoculars and saw that the perceived intruder was a Black Vulture.  First for me at this locale, 
my work, but great!

My question is why did this Black Vulture turn on a mobbing mentality.  They leave the Miss. Kites alone and I haven't seen them do this with TVs, although I haven't seen a lot of Turkey Vultures float over this location.

There are 6-8 Crows that hang here all year.  They battle w/the Cooper's hawks that visit on occasion but they don't participate in the fall/winter roost that I see flying over the store then.  Numbers at that time approach 500, from what I've seen flyover.

Just curious,

Bryan Prather
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St. Louis Co., Mo

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