First, I do have to apologize for how short my first post was.  For several
months now my e-mail crashes on my phone when I touch the body of the
e-mail so I can only type in the subject line.

I got to Plowboy Bend a little after eight this morning and not long after
crossing the railroad tracks I saw four large objects in the field.  After
turning onto River Bottom road I drove up a bit and parked and the cranes
were working the field to the left heading toward me.  At one point they
were right besides me perhaps 40 yards away.  I watched for about forty
minutes as they continued working the field heading southeast.  A couple of
bat researches also stop to watch.  Around 8:40 after they had passed me I
moved on to do a little more birding in the area.

About fifty minutes later a couple of other people came by looking for the
cranes but had no luck so it appears sometime between 8:40 and 9:30 they
had left being able to be seen from the road but after I was out of sight
by then I do not know where they went.  They were walking southest the last
I saw them.

Many thanks to all that posted updates on the whereabouts of the cranes
yesterday.  I have never been to Plowboy Bend before and I found it very

Steve Griffaw
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Jefferson City Mo

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