I just spoke with friend, Steve Rinne, whom was at the Swope Park
Memorial Golf Course in Kansas City, MO yesterday and he describes the
following bird sighting:

"I saw a smallish, warbler-size bird that was entirely red. It was too
for a cardinal and more red than a house finch. It hovered and
hawked like a warbler"

we spoke later on the phone about it, he didn't have binoculars
or know for sure what the bird was, but said that it was fluttering out
catching small insects and returning to low open dead branches.
This was near the 16th hole on the course up on the North side
of the green on a big hill surrounded by some trees on the west.
(he said this is not where a golfer should normally be- but somehow
his ball managed to go there).

This site may not be easily accessed to bird, and the report isn't for
sure a valid Vermilion, but wanted to put the word out if anyone
happens to be in the area - or suddenly has the urge to play golf with
binoculars on.

Good Birding,
Matt Gearheart
Lenexa, KS

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