I did check out that McDonald's parking lot on Sunday morning.  I inspected
every one of the few trees and tried some playback and had no luck.

Bill Duncan

On Wed, May 18, 2016 at 2:54 PM, Andrew Reago <[log in to unmask]>

> The Bewick's Wrens that were nesting at Shaw Nature Reserve this year
> appear to have left probably due to two House Wrens taking over the nesting
> box at Bluebird House #29 at the corner of Trail House Loops and Pine
> Amphitheater on the reserve property.  My wife, Chrissy McClarren,
> witnessed two House Wrens going in and out with nesting material and
> throwing material out  shortly after Dave Becher left the area today,
> 5/18/16.   Maybe there were young and they fledged, but I doubt it.  Read
> more about House Wrens creating problems for Bewick's Wrens here:
> If anyone knows where I could photograph Bewick's Wrens, I'd appreciate
> the information.  Chrissy was checking the Shaw spot out for me. I wish I'd
> got there sooner. I wonder if Chris Barrigar's find of a Bewick Wren in
> O'Fallon is still there.  Has anyone checked out that spot lately?
> Thanks,
> Andy Reago
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