Started this morning at Riverlands and ran into Connie Alwwod, Andrew Reago, Chrissy Mcclaren
 and Mr Marjana (sorry, probably misspelled). One area in ellis Bay had a couple hundred shorebirds mostly "way out" peeps, 2 willets, dowitchers, a stilt sandpiper and a few dunlin.

Heron pond was productive with bells vireo, common yellowthroat, american bittern, soras, Northern waterthrush, ring-necked ducks, chat and Chrissy had a willow flycatcher. Connie and I found a feale hooded merganser with 7 chicks. She apparently did not like my looks so she left the chicks in the weeds and did a wounded duck imitation out in the middle of Heron Pond.           

I then stopped by the stonehenge parking lot, shorebirds way out so walked down the shoreline in the mud (rubber boots required) and got close to at least 500 shorebirds. Same as Riverlands and also about 15 Wilsons Phalaropes, yellowlegs, spotted, and could identify some of the Peeps ( white-rumped  . least . and semi-palmated)

This Evening I went to Monroe county. Went to Mitchie road then worked my way back north. LOTS of habitat but very few shorebirds. HWY KK I had 3 black-necked stilts fly over and had about 50 Bobolinks in a mile and a half stretch of KK  .

Dave Haenni
Des Peres, MO

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