Having not put in a real day in the field since last June, I was eager to
get out and do some birding this AM!

BK Leach held few shorebirds, but did have several singing Sedge Wrens, a
Sora, and a Mississippi Kite carrying nesting materials at the river
access. A few lingering sparrows like Swamp and Lincoln's padded the list
total a bit. Shorebirds and waterfowl were scarce.

Cuivre River State Park was hopping with birds, even at 11 AM. The oddest
sight of the day was about 15-20 Bobolinks in the woods, roughly 200 feet
from the edge of the nearest field near the park entrance. They were
perched in the very top of the canopy. My brain couldn't place the song
correctly and I kept trying to make the racket into orioles or other
icterids, Once I got a good look, sure enough, all Bobolinks. Very, very
odd! They cleared out pretty quickly, making me think they had not been
there long.

More expected forest visitors included Golden-winged Warblers, a
Gray-cheeked Thrush, and a few Black-throated Greens. There were two
Cerulean Warblers (and a few "imposter" Parulas) singing from Big Creek
roughly 1/4 mile north of the bridge.

While gassing up the car at the BP at 47 and Lincoln in Troy, I heard an
odd chattering. Grabbed the binoculars from the car and it was a Western
Kingbird bossing around a robin.

Having added up the day list about noon and seeing I was at 98 for the
morning, I let compulsivity take over and drove around town to pick up  a
few in-town birds like House Finch to hit 100. It was a very pleasant day
to be about.

Phil Wire
Troy, MO
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