Hi Tim,  --  I am just now finishing Letters vol. 5 and about to do vol. 6, along with lots of other data that I have piled up. I published an article many years ago about the American year, and that seems to be the main source used by Haffenden. I have heard about the Collin Brooks (Colin?) connection and will use it, for which I thank you. 

TSE did not go over very well at Johns Hopkins. They were glad he did not have a longer series of lectures. He shocked a ladies' club with a bizarre analogy, comparing the concept of seeing beneath the surface to looking at someone with no skin on her face.

The TSE Society (US) has adopted the chronology as an official project, but so far there has been no concrete progress, in terms of funding for the XML coding that would need to be done for the searchable database to go online.  --  Jim

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I’ve studied TSE's year in America in detail, and I can assure you that his lectures and readings did not always appeal to his audiences.  --  Jim Loucks

As Volume 6 of the Letters shows, the same goes for the tea parties, especially when he didn’t like the students. And then there was the time when a distractingly pretty girl showed up…

Questions for Jim Louks: How far along is your chronology? (I see that Haffenden depends on your research in a few places in Volume 6.) Did you know about Eliot staying with Collin Brooks the two nights before his wedding to Valerie, which is documented in the letters recently acquired by Washington U.?


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The 1931 portrait vis-a-vis Eliot's timeline 

"Ash Wednesday," a poem about Eliot's religious awakening, is published.

A Year at Harvard
Eliot accepts a yearlong teaching position at Harvard, his alma mater. The professional opportunity also gives him a break from his failing marriage to Vivienne, who remains in England while Eliot travels to Massachusetts. Eliot is instantly a well-liked professor, frequently inviting students over for tea.

In the 1931 portrait, Eliot looks confident, reassured. 


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