Lost Valley Trip Report: Weldon Spring CA, St. Charles Co. 4-24-16


Note: This is not a complete species list, just the migrants to or through the area.


Also present: Dave Garcia, Rad Widmer, Mary Ann_____?


Blue-gray Gnatcatcher

Acadian Flycatcher

Eastern Phoebe

Swainson’s Thrush

Wood Thrush

White-eyed Vireo

Yellow-throated Vireo

Red-eyed Vireo

Blue-winged Warbler

Northern Parula

Yellow-throated Warbler

Cerulean Warbler

Black-and-white Warbler

American Redstart

Worm-eating Warbler


Louisiana Waterthrush

Kentucky Warbler

Common Yellowthroat

Hooded Warbler

Yellow-breasted Chat

Summer Tanager

Indigo Bunting

Savannah Sparrow

Bob Bailey 

St. Louis, MO 

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