From Four Rivers and Horton, Linda Childers and I went on to 
Schell-Osage and here is our report from there:

h. prothonotary, C. geese 4, bl-w teal 200 (in various places and 
groupings), greater y-l 2, barn swallow 1, RWBB 45, shovelers 9, N. 
harrier 1, gadwall 35-40, yellowleg sp. 3 (too far to ID which), 2 TVs 
by road N. edge of Schell Lake, great egret 6, white-faced ibis 1, 
spotted sandpiper 1, cormorants 14, rough-winged swallow 1; on road to 
the blind where cinnamon teal had been but we did NOT see cinnamon teal: 
RBWP 1, downy WP 1, two palm warblers, C. chickadee 1 (gave the spring 
song), cardinals 2, kingbirds 2 there; road arm off to the NW from 
Schell Lake: h. bl-gr gnatcatcher, kingbirds 4, yellow-crowned 
night-heron (later Evelyn Johnson and daughter reported to us that they 
saw 2 others on south side of road), saw crow and later heard fish crow; 
Evelyn Johnson (for whom the marsh is named) told us that there was an 
American bittern and she pointed out one and then a second one. First 
one was freezing with bill skyward and second one was hunched over, 
slow-motion stalking and capturing and eating prey. On way to outhouse 
at hdqtrs saw TV and heard parula; at outhouse saw one late-lingering 
white-crowned sparrow.

Highlights: white-faced ibis, palm warblers, and Am. bittern

Ronda Sherrill, Newton County, Neosho, MO

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