Linda Childers and I went from Neosho up to Four Rivers and Schell-Osage 
on Thursday, April 21.  Between us we have several decades of birding 
experiences around the US, but still don't consider ourselves experts 
since there is always more to learn.  This is our best effort at ID and 

Going in on TT, nothing on the borrow pit.  Rest of roads leading into 
FRCA: crow, h. C. wren, h. titmouse, h. bluejay, about 10 savannah 
sparrow, 2 killdeer, horned lark, 4 meadowlark, 5 lark sparrow
In FRCA: cardinal, h. bluejay, phoebe, GBH 14, meadowlark 1, TV, bl-w 
teal 57, cormorants 9, coot 511, shoveler 20, great egret 12, gadwall 8, 
RWBB 20, C. geese 9, yellowlegs sp. 16 (too far to ID which sp.), 
greater yellowlegs 15, lesser 5, p-b grebe 3, killdeer 2, barn sw. 1, 
tree swallow 9, empty eagle nest at west end loop from hdqtrs., solitary 
s-p 1, least s-p 5, pectoral s-p 1+?, Forster's tern 1, swamp sparrow 1, 
RHWP 1 (and lots and lots of turtles)

On way out a tree full of RWBB and snake crossing the road, more RWBB on 
Artillery Road, bluejay; at boardwalk in DU Marsh: RWBB 2, bl-w teal 6, 
GBH 1, shoveler 6, gadwall 6; 4 crows on TT

Going through Horton Bottoms h. bluejay, h. titmouse, on lake cormorant 
1, GBH 1

On gravel road 1775 just south of Flintlock and west of Hwy M: about 20 
Am. golden plover, possibly more down a small dip, including at least 
one beginning to have breeding plumage (in field with BB flock)

See next entry for Schell-Osage CA report following FRCA.

Ronda Sherrill, from Newton County, Neosho, MO

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