The past few days at Binder Lake, Cole County, have yielded 2 Blue Gray Gnatcatchers flitting around a nest, a couple of good looks at Parulas, 2 unexpected Lark Sparrows, a good look at a Barred Owl who kept turning his head back to watch me, the call of a Louisiana Waterthrush with no chance of seeing him once the mushroom hunters hit the creek, an Orchard Oriole, and a Yellow Rumped Warbler.
Today Rock Bridge SP around Devil's Ice Box was busy with people and birds.  I had 7 Parulas, 1 Kentucky Warbler, and a good look at the Worm Eating Warbler which may be the same one some others have seen ? (thanks Jesse for you help on location, it was 100 yards up the trail by the dry creek, the trail is off the path to the rock bridge), a Red Eyed Vireo, a White Eyed Vireo, 4 Blue Gray Gnatcatchers, a Rufous sided Towhee. At home I found 4 Cedar Waxwings and a Red Eyed Vireo out back. It was warm today by noon but very enjoyable.
Jane Frazier
Jefferson City
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