Hi All,

I spent a few hours at Kill Creek Park (Desoto, KS) yesterday (4/13) looking for the Vermillion Flycatcher reported earlier in the week. About 11:30 AM I saw what I believe was this bird: red and gray, smaller than Northern Cardinal.  However, it was a fleeting glimpse because as soon as my eyes settled on it in my field of view, it zipped away and I was unable to relocate it.  One of the e-bird reports from 4/12 noted a Summer Tanager, so I can't be 100% sure that the bird I saw wasn't a SUTA, but the amount of gray really stood out to me (particularly in flight) for the brief moment I had eyes on it.

At any rate, the bird was between the metal maintenance buildings and the house that are near the park entrance.  There is a group of 3 trees that run North/South between the house and metal buildings, outside of the fenced area.  The bird was in the farthest South tree and flitted off to the North toward the house. You can walk up the service road and get good views of this area.  I believe this is the same area where the VEFL was seen earlier in the week. Hope he hangs around a bit longer for others to see.


Sean O'Daniels
Independence, Jackson Co.

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