I did see one Northern Harrier at Dunn, but missed the RLHA. Wonder if more of the Chickens went to the second Lek site because of the GHOW?

    On Sunday, April 10, 2016 9:09 PM, Dianne & Steve Kinder <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

 I checked out the Nature Conservacy's Dunn Ranch this morning while Dianne and I were up in that area. I heard a secondary Lek of Greater Praire Chickens whooping and then observed a dozen birds through my spotting scope looking to the south from the new Bison Corral west of the Hdqtrs area. I also found two more GPCH north of that location while searching for Lonspurs at that recently burned field. Found many BH Cowbirds, Northern Flickers, Robins, some Killdeer, and other stuff but no Longspurs. I can usually still find Smith's at this time up there. Lots of RN Pheasants around today also. Good variety of Sparrows right now, with Chipping, Field, Vesper,Savannah, Song,Swamp, Harris's, and DE Junco at Dunn. Then found FOY Lark Sparrow just west at Frank Ranch,a private Cattle Operation, and couple of Henslow's Sparrows at MDC's part of Pawnee Praire. Had my FOY Brewer's Blackbird at Frank Ranch too. Heard my first Upland Sandpiper at Pawnee, but never saw it. Did see many of the Bison at Dunn Ranch up pretty close today, from outside their enclosure however. as always you need permission to be out on the areas at Dunn.
   Di spotted a Barred Owl and then a Great Horned Owl along the way home.
Later,Steve [log in to unmask]

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