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RE: water levels at Eagle Bluffs Conservation Area (EBCA)


There are a few of the things going on at EBCA that affect the water levels, some are management activities and others driven by the weather and the river that are not under management control.


In February many pools were drained because the area was going to have a plane fly over using Lidar to map the elevations (3D) of all the pools. The plane flight was March 5, and the same day Clayton (EBCA manager) opened the water gates to get the pools filling up at various normal management rates again. The high resolution of each of the pools will be of great assistance to the managers to know what is needed to flood what area based on volume of water.


Also Pools 10 and 7 will have some research study plots in them so they have slowed down the water levels in them temporarily will permitee farmers plant the field plots. Pool 2 already has water back in it. And Pool 11 the Marsh Unit has some water and it has water flowing in as it would in a normal year from the main channel.


There are lots of shorebirds in Pool 14 but at this time it involves as walk from the short spur road that extends into pool 14   after it crosses the channel.  Pool 15 has water flowing back into it again this week.


The ag crop fields on the Pool 1 end of the area are dried out this time of year for planting.


I think this should be great shorebird year again once the water get back into the pools.





Brad Jacobs

Missouri Department of Conservation

P.O. Box 180

Jefferson City, MO 65102

573-522-4115 ext. 3648






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