My usual question:  can anyone direct us to a poem or stanza by Hughes worth remembering or rereading?  We seem to have a lot of biographical data but not that much poetry.

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Very sure I've mentioned this before, but will again: Ted Hughes' mother was a direct descendant of Nicholas Ferrar, he of Little Gidding and presumably after whom TH's late son  who also took his own life (R very much IP) was named

Grown-up Frieda H of course recently fell out bigtime with Sir Jonathan Bate over that biography. 

Dr Ann Skea in Australia keeps matters Ted Hughes on fast academic boil -

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“I hold a beast, an angel, and a madman in me, and my enquiry is as to their working, and my problem is their subjugation and victory, down throw and upheaval, and my effort is their self-expression.” ― Dylan Thomas 

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Can you post it, CR?

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A quote from Dylan Thomas which resonates rather acutely vis-a-vis Eliot


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