I took Stella the dog, for a walk this morning on the Boardwalk, and a ways down the Riparian trail at Pershing SP.  Good number of Fox Sparrows, had total of around 35. Lovely male Eastern Towhee with one group. Red-shouldered Hawks and Pileated Woodpeckers were active and vocal. Wood Ducks on the creek and also high in the trees. A Barred Owl flew up from beside the BW and landed in a tree over it. I observed Ruby-crowned Kinglet, Winter Wren, and Rusty Blackbirds along the way as well as other more expected species.
 Did a BDR on the way back through east side of Fountain Grove CA. There were at least two Fish Crows on south side of Che-Ru. Heard Red-shouldered Hawks and Pileated Woodpecker there and also on the north side of the lake. A few DC Cormorants have returned to the snags in the water and a few Tree Swallows were on the pond north over the hill. Some Snow Geese there also and couple hundred Greater White-fronted Geese too. Gadwall was most numerous Duck today. Beautiful morning to be out!

Steve Kinder
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