I ran into the thursday WGNSS groug at Cannon NWR today and we were not able to find the Eurasian widgeon today despite walking entirely around the flooded unit that is has been seen in. Good numbers of the previously reported waterfowl still present. Also found some snipe which were not present last tuesday and a pair of Black Ducks on the North side of the refuge.

I drove through BK Leach on the way home seeing the same birds in the ponds and flooded fields on the North end of the refuge. Also present here were Great Bl;ue Herons, Hooded Mergansers. 6 or 7 Northern Harriers. Plenty of American Widgeons at both places, the most I have seen in years. I did notice with the Widgeons they were not "tipping over" foraging on the bottom like other puddle ducks, they would either graze on land or on the seeds clinging to the grasses and plants over the surface of the water.

Dave Haenni
Des Peres, Mo

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