My wife and I searched for the EUWI this morning at Clarence Cannon NWR in the previously reported location and were successful. We were joined in our search for the wigeon by Tom Parmeter and a very hardy group of lady birders from St.Louis.

Did I mention it was cold? the wind was BRUTAL. we found the bird at the previously reported spot along the dirt road except it was to the right of the road , not to the left. It was with some American Wigeons and shovelers and kept getting in the water and then disappearing into tall grass on land next to the road then back into the water. The group decided to try to get a little closer and we got brief better views until it flew off and dropped down into the next pool. Judging from others photos and reports this bird moves around alot but seems to end up back in the same area. Did I mention it was COLD?

I had to be at work in St. Louis at2pm so did not drive around the refuge much. saw lots of waterfowl, an eagle and some meadowlarks.

Dave Haenni
Des Peres, Mo

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