You may or may not know there is a website to report beak deformities.  Here’s the link.

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Subject: Eurasian Tree Sparrow - bill deformity noticed, 2/28/16

This past Sunday I witnessed something that alarmed me a little.  An Eurasian Tree Sparrow showed up at the feeders at Columbia Bottom Conservation Area on 2/28/16 with a hooked bill - a deformed bill.

The reason this alarmed me a little is that I'd read an article last year on beak deformities being studied in Alaska due to the overwhelming number of birds and bird species showing up with deformities there in the last ten years.

The article mentioned that we should pay attention to these things.  The article suggested that deformities were red flags indicating that something is wrong, although what exactly was wrong was not conclusive and hints at climate change were mentioned.

Now, mind you, this is only one bird that I've noticed with a beak deformity lately.  But I thought I'd draw folks attention to this bird and this issue.  Here is a photo of the Eurasian Tree Sparrow with the deformed beak from this past Sunday and one without a deformed beak for comparison (also from this past Sunday).  (Click on the photos to enlarge them.):

Here is one of the articles I read last year on beak deformities in Alaska that gives a good overview of the issues involved:

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