Got the birding trifecta today.        

Started the morning with a common redpoll and 30 pine siskins at a private residence in Florrisant.

Then on the way to St.Marys I saw 4 immature Whooping Cranes north of St. Marys in the fields to the East. There were a few places to pull over on the east side of Hwy 61 in grassy areas. you can pull completely off the hwy, ground is a little soft, smaller cars could possibly get stuck and traffic goes by fast, not an idea viewing situation. BE CAREFUL. Lots of waterfowl on Kaskaskia island since all the water has thawed. Since the Whoopers are still in the area they could very easily end up back on the island (which is not actually an island).

Final stop was the Says Phoebe in the previously reported location. As you drive up to the levy road and go left, the bird was sitting on a 4 ft tall surveyors stake on the left hand side of road. It was actively feeding, moving around alot. The bird flew behind me and I drove forward to turn around near the metal farm shed. On my way out the bird flew in front of me all the way to where I pulled up on the the levy to begin with near another metal barn. This was about 130pm.

The Whoopers were still there on my way home.

Thanks to the people who responded to my inquiry yesterday about the Phoebe.

Dave Haenni
Des Peres, Mo

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