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I can understand David's objection but this article is much better than many that have been advanced for reading to the List.  I also am beginning to think that in an age of tweets and Instagram (writing reduced to snark; communication reduced to flashed images) it is helpful to have articles such as this for the general public that seems uninterested in or unable to approach anything except thru the medium of the person behind the achievement and the attendant misfortunes of his/her personal life revealed in the achievement.  I, of course, hear 4Q echoing in the chambers of my mind more often than lines from earlier poems, including Prufrock and TWL, but at least someone somewhere trapped at an airport between connections who may stumble upon this article while surfing may actually go to the poetry.  In my humble opinion.  Greetings to everyone...
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"........Eliot had established himself as a cultural retrograde ...."

vomit-inducing prose, IMHO - consistent with the rest.

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TS Eliot: public poet, private agony | spiked