The Quirky Wisdom of T. S. Eliot

A blog by Philip Yancey containing a collection of Eliot quotations on the problems of the day.


In tribute to T. S. Eliot, I have compiled the following quotations spelling out his insights, which are far less familiar than his poetry.  Some of his opinions seem quirky, while others are downright prophetic.

On modern capitalism:
(I’m waiting to hear Bernie Sanders quote these.)

On Christian essentials:
(Tea Party Republicans would do well to ponder these.)

On global dangers:
(In Eliot’s day, Communism loomed.  Think now of ISIS.)

On the church and society:
(Are Christians truly a counter-culture, or just another slice of modern culture?)

On writing:
(Ah, how well I know this sense of melancholy struggle.)

"Of what use is this experimenting with rhythms and words, this effort to find the precise metric and the exact image to set down feelings which, if communicable at all, can be communicated to so few that the result seems insignificant compared to the labor."