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A great many ideas may be perceptive about what is wrong but not at all about solutions. It is not about being "correct"; neither "perceptive" nor "prescient" entails "correct." 

     I do not see the sense in saying the prescient does not entail being correct. The latter seems part and parcel of the former in whatever matter it manifests. Nor does your further attention to "dividing" make sense. Is there some amorphic place where there are no divisions? Where there is an articulated expectation of such? Since you did not answer my question about the ground or criteria of your position, I don't know what your expectation is regarding divisions. Nor do I see how an educated Christian who takes his faith seriously can not say or believe the Eliot statement you quoted.

 As Peter pointed to "Blick ins Chaos," I've been looking through those Blicks on Rickard's Eliot pages. Perhaps this passage by Hess can be applied here:

< Truth is everything. It is possible to say "Yes" to everything. But, to order the world, to achieve material results, to render possible Law, Society, Organization, Culture, and Morality, No must follow Yes. The world must be polarized, it must be divided against itself into Good and Evil. Establish every No, every prohibited thing, every wickedness upon a foundation sufficiently solid to make it accepted law and as soon as such law is enforced, as soon as it becomes the basis of a new mode of viewing things, a new order, it equally becomes absolute and sacred. >

BTW, Rickard's site came up second only to Wikipedia on a google search for Blick ins Chaos. The range and quality of documentation Rickard has built up are very probably making it one of the premier Eliot resources globally. To say he's done a yeoman's job understates it considerably. Kudos and many thanks, Rickard.

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