Call for Papers – MLA 2017 (January 5-8, Philadelphia USA)


“Creative Conversations: Alternate Temporalities”


How are alternate versions of temporality (simultaneity, reverse temporal order, et. al.) imagined and represented in art, film, and literature? How do they relate to key theoretical temporal concepts of our epoch, such as unpredictability, the event, the messianic, the untimely, surprise, spontaneous eruption, and the unforeseeable?


Following the MLA’s call for innovative proposals in order to promote more interactive and collegial exchange at the convention, this panel focuses on the collaborative exploration of the topic of alternate temporalities. Instead of presenting their research at the conference, panelists will have an opportunity to share research findings ahead of time. In preparation for the convention, participants are invited to formulate discussion questions in response to their colleagues’ work, which we will then address during our meeting in a loosely structured roundtable discussion; the organizer will serve as moderator.


Please send 250-word abstracts and CV to Heike Polster ([log in to unmask]) by March 15.

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