I spent the morning birding Riverlands and found it part way recovered from the flood. The river itself was way down, exposing much mud in Ellis Bay and down toward the dam, while the area south of Riverlands Way was still partially flooded, leaving a mix of water, mud, and grass. Riverlands Way is fine, and the turn down to the dam is open. The road into Lincoln Shields is closed, although it is basically OK (I walked in); Wise Road is OK and passable; and the road to the Confluence is also closed and definitely not OK (it will probably, once again, take a long time to get fixed). 

Waterfowl are back in force. I had 21 species, five of them geese, including a group of 7 Cackling Geese on ice near the main road. Most of the Trumpeter Swans (plus some Tundras) are on the private land that is just across Red School Road from Riverlands; they can be viewed and even roughly counted from the far corner of Riverlands Way. Along with them are masses of Greater White-fronted Geese and Snow Geese, some of which fly over into Riverlands at times. There is good duck variety, with most of the divers and all three mergansers.  Eagles, too, are finally showing up in decent numbers (my est. was 16).

Gulls are numerous, but they are virtually all Ring-bills. I had only three Herrings and nothing else, though I'm sure the late-afternoon gathering might produce more.

Passerines are still almost non-existent except for the area around the Audubon Center, where the grass and shrubs hold fairly many sparrows.

Bill Rowe
St. Louis
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