The Annotated Checklist of Missouri Birds received a boost in 2015 in the form of three new species, all well documented, and all accepted by the MBRC:

1) An Ivory Gull in January, as previously reported. This bird's status is WV a (accidental winter visitant).

2) A Townsend's Warbler, banded on 9 October and documented with photographs by Jack Hilsabeck, Larry Lade, and Daniel Roberton. This species goes on the list as T a (accidental transient).

3) A Crested Caracara, observed on 7 December and documented with photographs by Becky Wylie and Sarah Cook. This species too is T a.

These additions bring our list to 434 (423 of these with definitive state records, 11 others provisional). 

Let's see what 2016 brings!

Bill Rowe
Secretary, MBRC
St. Louis
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