Trumpeter Swans are protected everywhere in the United States, but Tundra Swans are not completely protected.  This indirectly poses a threat for the Trumpeter Swan. 

Tundra Swan hunting seasons supposedly remain rare and require special permits, due to attempting to protect the Trumpeter Swan.  Tundra and Trumpeter are hard for hunters to tell apart in the field.  Due to this confusion,  there are allowable limits on killing Trumpeter Swans in some states that when reached, shut down the hunting season in that state for all swans.  This is what I've read, anyway.  Pat Lueders would know all this better. 

In Illinois, people are told that all wild swans are protected and are told not to shoot a swan. Please see this report, specifically the page on swans:

The farmers with the swan decoys might be in violation of Illinois State Law, which might interpret the use of the 'swan decoys' as harassment of (threatening to) Trumpeter Swans (as well as Tundra).   Illinois law specifically designates the Trumpeter Swan as a protected species in their state, even though it does not have this status at the Federal level - at least not to my knowledge.   

Andy Reago

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Subject: Re: Those are decoy Trumpeter Swans in the Whooping Crane Kaskaskia area

Aren't Trumpeter Swans protected in Illinois?

Jack Cowan
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