The River Bluffs Audubon trip to the Lake of the Ozarks with stops at Bagnall Dam and Wilmore Lodge on Saturday yielded some nice birds. Participating were Chris Barrigar, Greg Leonard, Anita Randolph, Christy Lundy, Diane Niekamp, Betty Richey, and Jane Frazier. Present at the lake were over 300
BONAPARTE'S GULLS, 120 Ring Billed Gulls, and one HERRING GULL. Others included about 75 Black Vultures, two dozen Turkey Vultures, 2 COMMON GOLDENEYE, 4 HOODED MERGANSERS, 11 GADWALL, 1 GOLDEN CROWNED KINGLET, 15 BALD EAGLES, and 2 RED HEADED WOODPECKERS. Thanks, Chris and Greg, for counting.
Jane Frazier
River Bluffs Audubon
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