Well, that depends on how fast we act, and how fast the AOU acts (or not).
In poking around in other listservs (which I do for fun sometimes, esp. in
states where I have been birding), I come across things like the following,
a reply from Tony Leukering to someone in Florida who was suggesting that
we would gain a scrub-jay and lose a redpoll this year. Who knows if his
take on this is correct, or predicts correctly.

"Actually, I suspect that it will be a net gain of one. That is because the
Western Scrub-Jay split is well supported and overdue. I would be surprised
-- though not incredibly surprised -- if the NACC approves the proposed
redpoll lump during this circulation. That is because the recent redpoll
research is revealing a heretofore undiscovered phenomenon in birds: namely
that a single set of genes can produce diagnosably different phenotypes
depending upon variables external to those genes. The NACC, nearly by
definition, is a conservative group, and even if the proposed redpoll lump
happens, I suspect that it will not happen this year, and probably not
until further research is conducted and published that deals specifically
with this odd result. That research will require raising individual
youngsters from single clutches of eggs in differing habitats -- and
repeating that with many, many clutches. That research will not be easy,
cheap, or quick."

On Thu, Jan 21, 2016 at 6:00 PM, Robbins, Mark Blair <[log in to unmask]>

> However, I presume we are going to officially toss out the Harris's Hawk
> and soon Hoary Redpoll will be sunk.  So, list is 421.
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> From: William Rowe [[log in to unmask]]
> Sent: Thursday, January 21, 2016 3:56 PM
> To: Mobird
> Cc: Brad Jacobs; Joe Eades; Josh Uffman; Kristi Mayo; Robbins, Mark Blair;
> Paul McKenzie
> Subject: CHECKLIST UPDATE from the Missouri Bird Records Committee
> Everyone:
> The Annotated Checklist of Missouri Birds received a boost in 2015 in the
> form of three new species, all well documented, and all accepted by the
> 1) An Ivory Gull in January, as previously reported. This bird's status is
> WV a (accidental winter visitant).
> 2) A Townsend's Warbler, banded on 9 October and documented with
> photographs by Jack Hilsabeck, Larry Lade, and Daniel Roberton. This
> species goes on the list as T a (accidental transient).
> 3) A Crested Caracara, observed on 7 December and documented with
> photographs by Becky Wylie and Sarah Cook. This species too is T a.
> These additions bring our list to 434 (423 of these with definitive state
> records, 11 others provisional).
> Let's see what 2016 brings!
> Bill Rowe
> Secretary, MBRC
> St. Louis
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