The Annotated Checklist of Missouri Birds received a boost in 2015 in the
form of three new species, all well documented, and all accepted by the

1) An Ivory Gull in January, as previously reported. This bird's status is
WV a (accidental winter visitant).

2) A Townsend's Warbler, banded on 9 October and documented with
photographs by Jack Hilsabeck, Larry Lade, and Daniel Roberton. This
species goes on the list as T a (accidental transient).

3) A Crested Caracara, observed on 7 December and documented with
photographs by Becky Wylie and Sarah Cook. This species too is T a.

These additions bring our list to 434 (423 of these with definitive state
records, 11 others provisional).

Let's see what 2016 brings!

Bill Rowe
Secretary, MBRC
St. Louis
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