New Year Greetings,

I had been pondering whether or not the chestnut colored fluff with small white spots stowed away deep in a bird house each night was a Carolina Wren. Well yesterday as darkness threatened, I sat in the warm garage watching the bird house. Sure enough, in swoops a Carolina Wren, but I continued to watch because earlier I had observed two C. Wrens associating closely together.

Roughly 30 seconds after the bird entered the bird house, the second flew in to the same bird house. The two would appear to be roosting together in the recently reinforced wren nest.

I have heard of multiple birds in "roosting boxes", but I hadn't thought of two birds squeezing into an old nest.

As for my New Year's birding, it would appear that my year list has stalled at 15 species (watching the feeders from the kitchen window) with highlights so far as 8 Purple Finches and 2 Pine Siskins. Looks like I'll need to get outside and move around to add to my year list. LOL!

Happy New Year!

Bird On!

Chris Barrigar
Cole Co.
Russellville, MO
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"I only went out for a walk, and finally concluded to stay out till sundown, for going out, I found, was really going in."   JOHN MUIR
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