I went out birding today to celebrate the first day of 2016.  At Bradford Farm, I had about 50 Lapland Longspurs in the same area which Susan Hazelwood reported them on the 29th.  This is in the fields on the left as you are heading toward the brush pile near where the windmill can be seen.

I headed to Eagle Bluffs in the afternoon.  While viewing 3 Killdeer in the partially flooded field near Pool 11, I was surprised to see two sandpipers working the edge of the water.  After viewing through my scope, I identified them as Least Sandpipers.  I consulted eBird when I returned home and found that, while rare, there have been a number of winter sightings of this species in the state.  Ducks at Eagle Bluffs were fairly plentiful and included Mallard, Gadwall, Shoveler, Lesser Scaup and a single Ruddy Duck.

Overall, a good start to the new year!


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