Yesterday it was a white-headed cardinal. Today, a Northern Mockingbird
doing its sharp check outside my computer room window! Now, that may not be
unusual to many at this time of year, but a mockingbird in our yard at any
time is unusual! We have lived here since 1960, and only one time (to my
knowledge) have we had a mockingbird and it only stayed for a while during
nesting season, but disappeared. I hope this bird stays the rest of the

To add another oddity to the new year for us: The Kansas Star, sections A-C
are dated January 3, 1916 while D and E say January 2, 1916. My husband
knocked on the bathroom door and said, "Are you ready yet?" "Ready???!,
where am I going?" Bob had dressed, read the date on the paper, changed
clothes for church and was asking if I was ready to go. Now being in the
80's is bad enough for the memory without the Paper adding to confusion of
what day it is.


Jo Ann Eldridge, Kearney, Clay

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