Seminar: *Nourishing the Volk - Food and Foodways in Central Europe*

German Studies Association, 40th Annual Conference

San Diego, CA, September 29-October 2, 2016

Gesine Gerhard (University of the Pacific)
Andrew Kloiber (McMaster University)
Heather R. Perry (University of North Carolina, Charlotte)

Seminar Description:

This seminar will explore the significance of food and foodways in the
lived experiences and symbolic identities of Central Europeans. As both a
category and an object of analysis, food has been drawing increasing
attention from historians, cultural theorists, anthropologists, and
sociologists, who have come to recognize the significant role of food and
foodways in the shaping of cultural identities - be they national,
religious, or gendered in scope. Social scientists have been investigating
more deeply the quotidian significance of food and foodstuffs during times
of great social change or strife. Beyond the obvious health impact that
food scarcity has upon the human body, food insecurity has played a
significant role in military, political, and economic affairs. In addition
to these material aspects of food, however, diet and cuisine have long been
powerful aspects of identity in representations of self and “the other” in
literature, film, painting, and other media. Thus the seminar organizers
agree that the most fruitful examinations of food and foodways come from
multi-disciplinary and cross-disciplinary approaches.

Seminar Format:

This seminar will be organized around the 3 conceptual categories of
*Gender*, *Nation*, and *Economy* and is based around pre-circulated papers
submitted by each participant describing her or his food research. In the
seminar we will discuss these papers with particular attention as to how
the food‐related research of the participants challenges or sheds new light
on each of these categories/subjects of analysis.

We encourage applications from all GSA disciplines and time periods and all
interested participants should submit a 250-word abstract which outlines
how your food‐themed research intersects with one (or more) of these

Applications must be submitted through the GSA's website at <> by January 28, 2016.  Applicants must
be current members of the GSA.

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