Below is a link to a video made to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Tennessee Ornithological Society this year.  It shows past efforts and accomplishments of TOS members, discusses the importance of habitat and conservation, and many other aspects shared by birders around the U.S.

In Missouri, the comparable organization is the Audubon Society of Missouri (ASM) founded in 1901.  ASM pre-dates the National Audubon Society, and is the oldest conservation organization in the state.  There are many reasons to join ASM--to support habitat work for birds and other wild creatures in Missouri, to support maintenance of occurrence data records, to learn about birds, and simply to enjoy associating with other birders.

If you haven't gotten around to joining ASM, think about it now.  How about giving a membership to your best birding friend?
To learn more about ASM membership, go to and see the ASM Membership information featured in the center of the homepage.

To see the TOS video:

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