Hi All,

I did some birding in DeKalb and Gentry Counties in northwestern Missouri yesterday, 12/18. The absolute highlight was a SPOTTED SANDPIPER that flushed and called along the Grand River in Gentry Co. late in the afternoon.  Behind that was the sheer number of SHORT-EARED OWLS between the two counties, easily 30-35 birds. What's surprising to me is the frequency of birds utilizing grassy livestock pastures. 

Some additional highlights included:
Red-tailed Hawk variant slam (borealis, calurus, Harlan's, Krider's, and abieticola)
25+ Northern Harriers
2 Killdeer
7.5 woodpecker species (both Yellow- and Red-shafted Flickers, plus 1 intergrade)
3 Merlin 
2 Northern Shrikes, both immatures
~11 Loggerhead Shrikes
1 Winter Wren
~17 Northern Mockingbirds
2 definitive "cismontanus" Dark-eyed Juncos
Gambel's and expected "leucophrys" White-crowned Sparrows.  
1 Savannah Sparrow 
1 Vesper Sparrow
both Meadowlarks
several Purple Finches

Danny Akers
West Des Moines, IA
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