Did I find a flock of Cedar Waxings roosting? Yesterday about a half hour before sunset, my wife (Chrissy McClarren) and I discovered a small group of around 11 Cedar Waxwings fly into some low branches of a tree that still had many dead leaves that had yet to fall. The birds seemed to be hiding and positioning themselves within these leaves in such a way that they seemed to us to be roosting behavior - not that we know anything about the roosting behavior of this species. They hunkered down and stayed for the 15 minutes we watched - and were still there as we left. I've seen many a Waxwing, but never roosting. COOL! (If I'm right. )  Please check out the photos I was able to get here and let me know if you also think this is roosting:

Andy Reago

St. Louis MO

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