Call for Papers: Panels on "Asian-German Studies"

The German Studies Association:

Fortieth Annual Conference in San Diego, California, September 29-October 2, 2016

Deadline for Submissions: February 1, 2016

At GSA annual meetings over the last few years, “Asian-German Studies” panels have produced lively discussions on various topics that have connected the German-speaking world with Asia. These panels have provided an important forum for comparing such phenomena as political issues, works of literature and art, and the theories and practices of transnational history. We would like to continue such efforts to comprehend relations between German Central Europe and Asia through a series of panels at the 2016 GSA conference. 

Scholars interested in "Asian-German Studies" are invited to submit proposals for panels or individual papers dealing with any aspect of Asian-German Studies, but we invite everyone to consider the list below as a possible way to start the creative flow. Proposals from all disciplines are welcome. Please send proposals (200-300 words) and a brief CV via email to Joanne Miyang Cho ([log in to unmask]), Douglas McGetchin ([log in to unmask]), and Lee M. Roberts ([log in to unmask])

Representative topics for Asian-German Studies include but are not limited to such ideas as the following:

·      German notions of “Asia” or Geographical Areas of Asia (East Asia, Southeast Asia, South Asia)

·      Genderizing Europe and Asia (Notions of Masculinity/Femininity, Gender relations/roles)

·      German depictions of  “Asians”/Depictions of “Germans” in Asia

·      German-Asian relations (alliances, business, colonialism)

·      Cross-cultural influence (literature, film, translation, philosophy, art)

·      Asians in Europe/speakers of German in Asia (immigration, Chinatown)

·      Comparative Germanistik (the discipline as practiced variously in German-speaking world and Asia?)

·      Asian Studies in the German-speaking world (Sinologie, Japanologie, Indologie, Koreanistik)

 Please pass this CFP along to anyone else who might be interested. More Information regarding the conference can be found on the GSA's website

Joanne Miyang Cho (William Paterson University of New Jersey)

Douglas McGetchin (Florida Atlantic University)

Lee M. Roberts (Indiana University—Purdue University, Fort-Wayne)


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